Jen's Block Wrap

This is a great new product to the Patchwork world. I often have unfinished blocks I want to take with me everywhere so I can whip them out and start working on them whenever I can. I have made block wraps in the past, and while they work sufficiently, Jen's new block wrap works even better! This is a portable felt wrap, the difference being there is a plasticised non-stick underside on each layer to prevent block pieces from sticking (that is, they only stick to the felt side, not the plastic side). You can have up to 6 blocks perfectly laid out ready to sew, which will stay exactly how you have placed them. How good is that!!
Let it be a permanent fixture in your handbag so you can whip it out at the dentist, doctor, or anywhere you wish to go, or have to wait. Perfect!
Block wrap - $35.50
$35.50 inc. GST